Secrets of Success from the Eastern World — Bubble Tea Shop

Secrets of Success from the Eastern World

— Bubble Tea Shop

Perhaps those of you who live in Germany, especially in the big cities, may have noticed that overnight, the bubble tea stores have sprung up everywhere, with all sorts of names and all sorts of nice stylish decoration.The bubble tea is no longer a rare item in Germany, and gradually, drinking it has become part of young people's daily life. And it is gratifying to see that both the taste of bubble tea and the quality of the bubble tea stores themselves (decoration and business ability) have been qualitatively improved.

Once the development of the bubble store in Germany did not go well

In fact, many years ago, there were Asian forms of bubble tea stores in Germany, but the fate was not as good as now, because the local people's acceptance of milk tea was quite limited, in addition to the variety of tea and the production process is not as exquisite as now. Many owners have been forced to close their stores.

What makes bubble milk tea trendy again?

The first and most important point is that the cups and packaging of bubble tea have become better looking, beautiful things are always worthy of everyone's love, aren't they? Nowadays, the design of bubble tea cups is simple and fashionable, which completely fits the aesthetics of young people. Who wouldn't want to buy a nice cup of bubble tea and upload it to social media for a pose and make a story. The decoration of bubble tea stores is even younger , fashionable decorations, popular chart dance music, young people wearing trendy clothing with a cup of bubble tea in hand, each of which has captured the hearts of young people. In addition to looking good, bubble tea has become better for "eating". Nowadays, you can add many different toppings to milk tea. Sticky Rice Pearl,Red beans,different Bobas...With a variety of novelty combinations you will have more novel flavors. Psychologically, consumers enjoy the challenge more ! Buying a cup of bubble tea is now more like a fun activity, a symbolic experience that represents the new generation of young people.

A way to make bubble tea stores more efficient and cooler to play with!

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