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Our mission is to give local restaurants unfair technology advantages to compete with prominent players. We strive to democratize gastronomy by making McDonald's and Starbucks' level of technology accessible to small restaurant owners.

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No more pen and paper

Your pen & paper are used to sign contracts, not to manage your restaurants.


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allO is always committed to offering restaurants the best price and services.

Strong online presence

allO brings restaurants and guests closer by offering them strong online presence.

>500 restaurants
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allO brings restaurants and guests closer than ever before

Joana Saffle

Founder's Associate

“Eat Good Food with Good People. Repeat." I curate gastronomic experiences and foster meaningful connections to drive social engagement.

Anna Slopianka

Founder's Associate

“The key to life looks a whole lot like a plate of pasta” —fulfilling and always leaving room for more. With my creativity and versatility, I pave the way for success in product development, establishing a strong groundwork of communication between allO and our valued customers.

Mai Anh Nguyen

Account Manager

"There is nothing in the world that good food cannot fix." And there is nothing allO cannot fix for you. With my out of the box thinking and empathy I will bring order to your chaos and I will do anything in my possibility to make you happy, so you can fully concentrate in making good food.

Rodolfo Yanke

Head of Engineering

"From Bytes to Bites, Perfecting Dining Experiences, One Table at a Time." Fueled by this philosophy, I use my talent to provide efficient solutions, enjoying the process of creating remarkable experiences for allO’s users.

Tekin Duran

Sales Manager

“Home is wherever I’m with food.” With my warm personality and passion for culinary delights, I effortlessly connect with customers, making every interaction an impactful journey.

Bettina Huber

Sales Manager

"The three best words in the world: Food is ready!" My motivation is to support restaurant owners from the starter to the dessert.

Teodor Rupi

CTO & Co-founder

“No matter how great the talent or efforts, great things take time. 9 women cannot make a baby in 1 month.” With patience and perseverance, I craft meticulously designed digital experiences, ensuring that every detail contributes to the extraordinary whole, making allO a testament to the power of time and dedication.

Benedikt von Lewinski

CCO & Co-founder

“In a world full of muffins, be a cupcake.” With my unwavering determination and distinct sales approach, I bring my extensive knowledge to create limitless possibilities for allO customers, standing out amidst competitors.

Cancan Liu

CEO & Co-founder

"All-in-One." We have spent thousands of hours with restaurant owners to understand their problems. We started with Scan-to-Order, and then expanded it into an all-in-one system to end the software chaos in the restaurant.

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Delivery Hero, McKinsey

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McKinsey, EQT Partners

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UBS, Jefferies

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Driven by product and design

allO is proudly made in 🇩🇪 with ❤️🌈🦄. Simplicity is the core of our product.

allO Team

allO's analytical approach ensures that every feature reaches the maximum simplicity.

Restaurant Owners

allO works very closely with restaurant owners and staff on a regular basis.


allO's design quality is ensured by one of the best design studios in Europe.

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