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Monitor your takeaway business and online orders with intuitive views and actions.

Gift Card

Manage, sell and redeem gift cards in one place.


Stay in contact with your guests by sending them beautifully designed newsletters.

Guest Widget

Offer your guests opportunities to order, reserve, and buy gift cards on your website.

Inventory Management (Beta)

Precisely manage your inventory to prevent wastes and spare tax fine.

Loyalty Program (Beta)

Create tailored loyalty programs for your guests and turn them into regulars.

Run Ads (Beta)

Send targeted ads via email, Google Ads or social media and gain more customers, directly from allO

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Whether you are a small cafe or a large restaurant with 200 tables, we have all you need to operate

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Save 80% on commissions and own your customers.

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allO is integrated with many 3rd parties. Do not find enough features? Check out our App Store and install the App you want via a few clicks.

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