How to bring Restaurant and Customers closer than ever before ?

How to bring Restaurant and Customers closer than ever before ?

- Just a simple scan!

Customers self-seating, self-ordering by scanning the QR code.

In an age of highly developed consumer economy, people still talk about restaurant waiters like how they talk about their ex: "distant, aloof, making me feel unimportant." And allO is the friendliest outpost of the service industry!The QR code provided by allO at the door is the best invitation to customers.

As soon as customers scan it, no unnecessary waiting time needed, straight to the culinary heaven. The code gives customers quick access to the restaurant's food menu, beverage choices and various service options. Now they ask for waiters? Still No! The new self-service interaction feature offers a wide range of service that are usually only available through the waiter, from menu browsing, ordering, portion sizing, taste adjustments, special requests, allergic notes, to extending ordering, remote ordering, online ordering, pre-ordering, and endless other possibilities. And all of those service are provided in German, English, Chinese and many more languages - Don’t we all love an international crowd?

allO believes in no extra human cost as well as in hospitality and user-friendly interface.

Better customer experience! People return because you are fast.

There is nothing more enjoyable and empowering than being in control of your time, and allO makes this possible for its customers by offering self-service ordering, self-service payment and online ordering, pick-up. Not only can people enjoy an evening full of good food, but more importantly, at their own pace and rhythm. No one wants to wait endlessly with their loved ones in long queues and at empty tables, nor do they want to be rushed through their courses or constantly disturbed by waiters. allO celebrates simple, peaceful, undisturbed cuisine nights as well as minimalistic time philosophy.

A smoothly functioning kitchen: the hallmark of successful management and the basis for customer satisfaction.

allO's system that is powerful and accurate, by replacing the traditional paper notes, becomes the “CPU” of the kitchen. The digital system eliminates the errors of poor penmanship and records the customer's order time, notes and priorities in detail with no failures, forming the information centre of the kitchen.

The allO system also helps the kitchen staff to optimise their schedules: drink orders are sent separately to the printer at the bar, where the waiters can prepare the drinks for the customers immediately. The system's simple and efficient design makes it easy and quick to assign tasks to staff members. Once the dishes and drinks are prepared, the waiter's job is simply down to serve them to the guests' tables, according to their table numbers marked by the allO system .

With allO system, the real beneficiary is the kitchen.

Simplify accounting to free up more time to manage restaurant.

There is nothing more enjoyable and empowering than being in control of your time - more for the restaurateur. Powerful algorithms and clean design are not only for the customer, but are more geared towards the restaurateur - our user-friendly UI ensures this. With allO, you have a smart, intelligent and efficient system to help with running and managing the restaurant. Firstly, the time and money expense of printing and reprinting menus on a regular basis are eliminated, for it is simply a matter of typing in changes for a digital system. Secondly, you no longer need a surplus of waiters, where no manpower needs to be involved in ordering and taking seats. The zero fault tolerance of the online system maximises customer experience, too. Last but not least, with every night's running account recorded in Cloud Kasse (surprisingly entered manually by customers), your accountant no longer has to be buried in an endless mess of bills.

With allO, smooth staff, relaxed accountants, happy customers, and finally happy boss.

Additional channel: pre-order food online and pick-up at the restaurant.

Offering your customers an opportunity to order and pick-up in the restaurant, not only is cheaper than working with Lieferando or Wolt (including in your package already!) , but also helps the restaurant build direct relationship with the most loyal customers. Especially during the lock down time people work from home and eat much more at home than before. Offering them an alternative to mainstream delivery platform with long delivery times and extra delivery fees is a quick way to fit into this market of home-workers. Through the waves of lockdowns, we’ve all experienced how people enjoy supporting and keeping in touch with their local restaurants.

Restaurants serve their customers, we serve both!

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