What kind of restaurants are the coolest in the minds of today's youth?-- How to try to create a smart, trendy restaurant

What kind of restaurants are the coolest in the minds of today's youth?-- How to try to create a smart, trendy restaurant

When it comes to restaurants, it's a constant that the first thing people choose is that the food should be good. But in the current consumer economy, good food alone is no longer enough to attract enough customers, especially the younger generation. The concept of the so-called Internet-famous Restaurant or instagrammable Restaurant has emerged. The reason why these restaurants are so popular is that they must have some unique characteristics that can spread quickly and be remembered.

You can never go wrong with fitting people's aesthetics!

Is your restaurant still attracting customers with that traditional 80s décor? As a Chinese restaurant overseas, does your restaurant have to be dragon and phoenix and splendid in green and gold? There are customers who like this style, but people are bound to get older, a new generation of young people, a new group of consumer forwards, whose tolerance for old-fashioned retro decoration is rapidly decreasing. If your restaurant's target group is the younger generation, or you are just fast food, then you have to pay more attention to the so-called fast food culture! Capture the concerns, likes and trends of today's youth and incorporate these elements into your restaurant.

For example, with your décor, your new style of cuisine, could the old plaques be replaced with cool and dynamic LEDs? Shouldn't your staff be a little more international and multilingual? Could the tedious GEMA free music in the shop be replaced by a trendy chart? Should we try changing the lighting from sleepy warm tones to cooler ones or even coloured ones? All this requires the restaurant owner to think about it . Where is your restaurant located, is there enough young people, what is the vibe of the area then, what do the young people over here like, you can even learn a lot from the way the pedestrians are dressed on the road.

The wealth code is propaganda!

If people receive a flyer for a restaurant on the street, most people will probably do one of two things: they won't even ask for it, or they won't even remember to look at it if they take it.

But if people see an eye-catching enough ad on social media, they're much more likely to click on the page and take a look. With trendy Restaurant seemingly even more inseparable from the Influencers themselves, isn't it time to think about how we can find individuals who can afford to help you with the promotion of your restaurant? If someone with huge fan bases were to dine in your coolly decorated restaurant and upload a photo, would the effect be better than handing out flyers on the road? This is Celebrity effect!

Your restaurant still needs to get smart!

When we walk into a restaurant we find that it still uses old paper menus, the waiters are understaffed, slow to serve and serve the wrong food. There were many customers, the restaurant was cluttered, tables were not reserved, waiters even misremembered the time of the reservation and the name of the customer used, etc. Are we encountering too many of these situations? This is a restaurant that is not smart enough. As a trendy restaurant, all these situations will give the restaurant's image a big minus point. Over time, your online reviews will only be filled with bad reviews and by word-of-mouth, creating a vicious circle. How can you make your restaurant smart?

Young people play on their phones and use social media every day, so wouldn't it be better to incorporate a tool they are familiar with, the mobile phone, into the dining experience? Intelligent restaurant management systems, however, can actually help restaurant owners solve this problem. From browsing the menu, to ordering the food, the kitchen receives the instruction to cook the food, after which all that is needed is for the waiter to bring the food to the table, and voila ! In one fell swoop! Eliminating the tedious process of waiters carrying extra heavy menu books to order, the guests themselves have complete freedom to order through the smart system, and by golly, if I were a guest, I'd be the first to inform my friends, you see, their restaurant is cool! What means cool? Maybe it's just “going off the beaten track”.

Is a trendy shop with enough decoration and fame worth having a smart, intelligent catering management system? Very much so! From ordering, serving, booking and cashiering all automated and intelligent, this is not only a trend, but a maverick worthy of being shown on social media and talked about with others.

A beautiful and smart restaurant is what makes it famous, yes, just the same as people.

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